About Our Services

We perform major & minor repairs, complete restorations, annual inspections, STC’s & custom modifications for all fabric aircraft, though we specialize in the Piper fabric line. While most of our restorations utilize the Polyfiber process with either Aerothane or Polytone finish coat. We also do any FAA approved process including traditional Dope and Fabric. References are available on request.

Custom Restoration

Each aircraft is disassembled, uncovered and inspected. All parts are inspected for wear, damage, and corrosion, and brought back to airworthy standards by repair or replacement per owner request.

All Piper J-3, PA-11, PA-18 fuselages are checked in our jig to meet Piper specifications.

Standard restorations include :

  • new control cables
  • new fuel lines
  • new hardware
  • new electrical wiring

We work closely with the customer to insure they are kept informed of the progress and projected costs of the restoration. This minimizes delays and insures customer satisfaction.

Annual Inspections and Maintenance

We have a 90 x 40 shop and the expertise and knowledge to provide the customer with the best possible maintenance. We have an excellent record keeping system, with up to date manuals for all the aircraft we maintain. We are experienced in maintaining both fabric covered and metal skin aircraft.

Fabric and Painting

We specialize in the Poly-fiber process, using either Polytone or Aerothane(polyurethane) finish coat. We would be glad to discuss the pro’s and con’s of either finish coat as well as other FAA approved covering systems available.

We can design paint schemes at customer’s request.

We have a profession paint booth on site, provide a high quality finish, and are experienced in the application of all modern paint finishes.

Welding and Fabrication

We are equipped to provide TIG welding services on both steel, and aluminum. We have a fuselage jig for the Piper J-3, PA-11, and PA-18. We also have the expertise to repair and or modifiy any steel tube structure in accordance with FAA standards.

We also provide most types of sheet metal fabrication and forming.


Byker Aviation can install many different modifications when we are doing restorations.Below is a list of some of the modifications we commonly install.

  • Light weight battery under front seat/ Atlee Dodge
  • Rear baggage access door/ Cub Crafters
  • Extended baggage, both upper and lower/ Cub Crafters, Atlee Dodge, Ron Sullivan
  • Increased gross weight/ Wipaire(PA-18), Charlie Center(PA-12)
  • Vortex generators/ Cub Crafters, Micro VG’s
  • Metal interiors/ Cub Crafters, or custom made
  • Convert PA-12 stock gear to PA-18
  • Sutton exhaust conversions
  • Move oil cooler to rear baffle
  • Belly access panel on tail
  • X brace cockpit
  • Custom instrument panels
  • Install extended gear